Industry Leaders’ Perspectives on High Functioning Alcoholism in the Workplace

Within the corporate world, high functioning alcoholism is slowly being recognised as a significant issue that requires open dialogue and proactive interventions. Let’s explore what industry leaders are saying about it. Katherine Sellery, founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution and an advocate for mental health, stresses the need for empathy in the workplace. According to her, […]

Building Resilience In Cannabis Addiction Recovery

Helping someone else break free from cannabis addiction requires understanding the dynamics of resilience and coping strategies. As a supporter, you are key to their recovery journey, and understanding how to navigate triggers and cravings will be instrumental in aiding them towards lifelong recovery. The South African context, with its unique sociocultural fabric, influences how […]

Sleep Patterns And Addiction: What You Need To Know

Sleep plays a crucial role in our overall well-being, and it has a significant impact on addiction and recovery. Understanding the relationship between sleep patterns and addiction is essential for those seeking addiction treatment. In this article, we will address frequently asked questions about this topic, providing insights from experts in the field. Let’s delve […]

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